Airfoil File Format

We accept .dat files here in “Selig” format. ¬†Meaning they start with an X = 1; proceed along the top of the airfoil to 0,0 at the nose; and return to X =1 along the bottom surface.

For reference, the original airfoils in the list and new ones added by Selig are in an x,y format starting from trailing edge, along the upper surface to the leading edge and back around the lower surface to trailing edge

From UIUC database site

These files are in text format so you can view them in Notepad or any text editor.  We recommend using a spreadsheet program if you need to clean them up.

If we receive a poorly formed .dat file we will place your order on hold until the file is corrected.



***Current Lead Times: Up to 7 days for EPP sheet; 14 days for Quick Order Cores; and 3 WEEKS for custom work*** Dismiss