Design For Manufacture

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when designing for our process:

  • We work in Imperial Units.  If you are designing in Metric it helps if you convert before sending us info
  • Work in 12in increments for span/chord and you produce less waste;  save money on foam; and save on shipping if we do not need to build a custom box for 36.5 in span when it could be 36in and fit in a standard box
  • Max taper ratio is about 40%; if your tip chord/root chord is less than this the tip witll get really hot and not cut well
  • Max sweep angle is about 45 deg due to mechanical limits of our bow system
  • Max twist is about 10deg (we can go more but it starts to require time/materials  for test runs before we commit)
  •  Max foam thickness is 8in (we can go thicker but there is a setup charge for custom bows etc)
  • Max panel size is 4ft chord x 8ft;  assuming constant chord; keep your top view panel geometry inside this envelope; this includes any sweep
  • Min waste for big wings results when you keep your panels below 48in;   also makes them easier to cut; and cheaper to ship
  • We can NOT start and stop tube holes, or other interior features, in the middle of the panels.    For tube holes and spar slots that are not full span, plan a panel joint at the end of feature.

Current Lead Times: Up to 7 days for EPP sheet and 14 days for Quick Order Cores.