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We Are Moving!

Watch the blue site banner for current lead times.  We will keep that updated as we progress through the move.

Rocketship Systems and FlyingFoam will be moving this Summer.  Specifically, over the next 6 weeks.  Our plan is to be move complete and be back up and running full tilt by Sept 1st.

We love Colorado, but we had a great opportunity to move back home to Illinois, so we took it.  We will be moving in stages and will keep the shop running here until August 19th.  We will then shut down and move to be back up and running by Sept 1st.

Also, some of you may notice that Amy is now signing off on some of your orders.  My awesome wife has joined me full time at the shop.  FYI, she likes to be addressed as Queen of Foam.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we make this transition.


Amy and Coby

Team FlyingFoam

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