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1.9# EPP

Please be advised that our current EPP supply of 1.9 pound per cubic foot (pcf) density EPP is measuring about 1.6 pcf once the mold skin is removed.

This is less dense than what we have been receiving, and have been informed by the manufacturer that it is considered within specification for internal foam density.  Our challenge with precision CNC foam cores, and EPP sheet, is that we are an edge case for most foam suppliers.  We demand higher consistency through the entire billet of foam than most users who are producing things like product packaging.

For the time being we will be advising all customers to review this post prior to ordering 1.9pcf EPP.  This will change in the future, but for now, that is our short term solution.

You can also use coupon code EPP10 for 10% off any CNC EPP Sheet that is not part of a bundle.

We are investigating the availability and cost of 2.2pcf EPP to replace 1.9pcf if needed.

We will contact all customers with 1.9pcf products in the queue and determine what action you would like to take.

If you have received 1.9pcf foam in the last month and are not happy with the product please contact us for returns and or refunds if required.

The good news is it is very nice 1.6pcf foam, but for our purposes we do not feel we continue to sell it without this information.

We will keep you updated as we work on this issue.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best Regards,

Amy and Coby

Team FlyingFoam




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