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Big Quick Order Core Update

We have made some awesome changes to the Quick Order Cores thanks to your feedback over the last few weeks.

  • Added Single Panel Cores with spans up to 72in
  • Simplified the Two Panel selection from 3 to 1 types
  • Specify up to two tube holes and exact locations
  • Specify a Full Depth slot for spars
  • Specify exact location of spar slot
  • Add comments right in the order form

You now have most of the capabilities in Quick Order Cores that we had offered with Custom Cores.  Of course with more power comes more responsibility.  It will now be easier for you to specify cores that will not cut well, or are not at all.  So, my next task is to start improving our Knowledge Base and link some pictures and other helpful info to help you get it right the first time.  It may take us some time to roll out all that info, so in the meantime please contact us with questions if you get stuck.  Enjoy!

Team FlyingFoam

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