CAD File Info

Or, Why We Do Not Want 3D Files.

CNC hotwire is essentially two 2D jobs running at the same time – one on each end of wire.  So we require CAD files in DXF or DWG format of root and tip profiles (if different), and another file with top view for computing geometry.  1:1 scale and imperial units with proper dimensions.  PLEASE!

This only applies if you are not using a published airfoil (We consider a published airfoil to be anything with a .dat file that’s been put out on the interweb for download).  OR if you are using a published airfoil and you have a bunch of interior features such as tube holes, spar slots or hinge lines.

We charge a one time fee (usually 20-30 bucks) per airfoil for CAD to CNC conversion.

***Current Lead Times: Up to 7 days for EPP sheet; 14 days for Quick Order Cores; and 3 WEEKS for custom work*** Dismiss