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Move Update 7/29/16

We just finished the first phase of our three phase move and are getting caught up on all orders.  Should have our production queue worked off by close of business today.

Here’s the rest of the schedule for our move:

  • Aug 4-11: Phase 2 Move;  Shop Closed
  • Aug 12-19: Shop Open in CO
  • Aug 20-31 : Phase 3 Move; Shop Closed
  • Sept 1st:  Shop Open in IL

We will keep the online store open during this entire period, but please expect about a 10 day lead until Aug 19th.  After Aug 19th lead times will likely be about 14 days until we get the shop up and running in IL.   We expect leads to be back to normal around Sept 7th. We will update the blue site banner as we progress.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Amy and Coby

Team FlyingFoam

4 thoughts on “Move Update 7/29/16

  1. Bummer your leaving Colorado, If I could go back home I would too. Coby was wondering if I could stop by one more time for a few things. Wanted to show u the mods I did to the Joker!
    Need a fuse too.
    Travis Wolff.

    1. Travis,
      We will have the shop open next week before we shut down for the last time in CO. Just stop by when you can.

  2. What is the address of your shop. I’ll drive down from Cheyenne and pick up a few cores?

    1. Gary,
      Sounds good. We have a pretty good backlog to work off, so please give us some lead.

      3416 Laporte Ave
      Fort Collins, 80521

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