Our Equipment

Our two custom built CNC foam cutting machines produce precision foam cores without the need for templates.  CNC or Computer Numerical Control has been used in aerospace and other industries since the development of Numerical Control technology in the late 1950’s.  The use of CNC allows us to produce precision foam cores much faster, and without the surface imperfections often found with template cutting methods.

Our custom software system was developed in-house specifically for FlyingFoam.  This custom software system reduces lead time and setup as we can program most cores without the need for CAD.

The largest machine envelope size is 50″ x 18″ x 96″.  It can produce cores of any size up to a 50″ chord and a 96″ length.  Wing cores for giant scale models and large UAV’s can be produced with accuracy and precision available only from FlyingFoam.

Our custom built machines use industrial quality brushless DC servo motors and servo drives for superior speed and performance.  Positioning velocity is in excess of 600 IPM and we routinely cut foam at 40 IPM.

FlyingFoam’s unique hardware and software capabilities allow us to produce some of the industry’s best foam cores at a competitive price.