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  • Mother Ship


    Wing Cores Only.  An 83in span flying wing classic in white 1.3# EPP.

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  • Nurf


    Wing and Fuse cores to build a Nurf.  The Nurf is an all EPP forward swept flying wing that is designed to be flexible enough to hold all your FPV gear, and be tough enough to take serious abuse.

    This is the foam cores only.  You will need to source the kit parts as listed in the Requirements below.

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  • TSEPP 5 Sheet Bundle

    Sale! $16.88$29.25

    Save 10% when you buy a five sheet bundle of Thin Sliced 1.3# EPP (TSEPP).  Available in 3mm, 4mm or 6mm; in white or black.  24in wide x 36in long.

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  • Placeholder

    Wide Glide


    Based on the Cheap Shot, which was the original 48in span flying wing classic that is also the basis for Mother Ship.  This is the Cheap Shot with longer chords for more wing area.  Good for flying a bit more equipment and keeping your wing loading down.  All 1.3# EPP cores.  Just the cores.

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Showing 10–13 of 13 results