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Shop Update 4/28/16

Some of you will notice that the Kits and Accessory sections are no more.  We continue to stay very busy cutting Quick Order Cores and EPP Sheet, and sell very few kits.  So we decided to keep FlyingFoam focused on what we do best, which is to CNC some of the best wing cores in the business.  The FlyingFoam designs can still be purchased as cores in the Standard Cores section.  We do have some fans of our designs so we wanted to make sure you could keep them in the air.  You will just need to source your own kit parts going forward.  Thanks for your understanding.  Good flying!

Team FlyingFoam

8 thoughts on “Shop Update 4/28/16

  1. I was saddened to see this update. The Nurf is such a cool plane. Are you at least including a template for the vertical and sub-rudder pieces?

    Also wanted to mention that I’ve flown my Nurf with 2x 4S 5000’s (with one of them mounted in a pocket on the bottom, at the CG) which is significantly more than the description currently says (1x 3S 9000).

    1. Brian,
      Thanks. And good point. We will need to get templates up. Will shoot for next week to do that. All the stuff is pretty easy to source. Will also put a BOM together. We bought all kit parts retail as we never did enough volume to buy kit parts wholesale. Part of the reason we discontinued full kits. Interesting to read you are flying with 10K 4s. We were trying to keep wing loading down so hand launch was not as sporty. What we list is about what you need to balance CG assuming just a base config.

    2. Looks like I forgot to include the Nurf Assembly Instructions and scale PDF’s of the design. That’s fixed now. Just look under the Downloads Tab on the product page here:

      The side view has the outlines you need for vertical stab templates. The Assembly Instructions list everything you need to finish the build. Let me know if you need anything else.

  2. Thanks for posting the docs Coby 🙂 The Nurf is my favorite plane in my collection right now and I hope more people discover it. It fits in my car without taking it apart (unlike a skyhunter), it can fly for a LONG time on a single battery (unlike many other FPV rigs that require 2), and I can throw it overhead (unlike most flying wings). Not to mention it flies great and has a nice presence in the air.
    I have only flown with 10K 4S a couple of times, and the launch was definitely a bit more difficult and actually not successful on the first attempt. I’d suggest going with a sportier motor if anyone intends to fly this configuration often (at least at Colorado’s altitude). But after it was in the air, I couldn’t really tell any difference in flying characteristics.

  3. I am disapointed. I watched several videos of guys opening there box of the airplane and kept pulling all this stuff out of the box. I received my order. All I got was the so called core ( two wings and the fuse) all for $99.95 is this right?

    1. Jim,
      Again, sorry for the confusion. The un-boxing videos are of the full kits, which we no longer sell. I will make it more clear on the product page. We can provide a refund and you can keep the cores, or donate them to a flying club. Just let us know.

    2. Jim,
      Sorry, forgot to verify your question about the price. Yes, that is correct. We run a small shop in the US and source all of our foam from the US. We even get our cardboard boxes from the US. This is not a cheap import ARF. It is a well designed and documented aircraft. It is CNC hotwire cut from EPP that is more expensive than the EPO used in import/molded kits. The high price we have to charge is reflected in all of the above factors. It is also why we no longer sell full kits. When you have to pay people a living wage, and abide by several layers of regulation, it is not possible to compete with import products on price alone.

  4. i understand thanks for your concern

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