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International Shipping

We get many requests to ship internationally.  We would love to be able to offer it direct from the site, but the complexities of shipping large boxes from a small volume shop prevent us from being able to support.  The good news is we have found a compromise for those of you who need items shipped internationally.

MyUS is a company here in the US that acts as a freight forwarder.  They will provide you with a US address and arrange for shipping to your destination.  We have signed up to be an affiliate.  If our international customers have any issues with this service please do let us know.  While we can not offer direct support involving international shipping via MyUS, we certainly do want to know that you are being taken care of when dealing with a service we recommend.

If you want to use MyUS you must create an account with them using the link below and they will provide you with a US address. 

Link to MyUS 

And please remember, all international shipping service and pricing is handled by MyUS.  You will pay FlyingFoam for domestic shipping from Illinois to Florida, and MyUS handles your items the rest of the way.  That means you will pay additional shipping to MyUS.


Team FlyingFoam